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Newsletter – Stephen’s Standpoint


Every month Stephen’s free newsletter "Stephen’s Standpoint" has an informative and often provocative article about an aspect of organisational change that is exercising him at that moment.  Click on the links below for past issues.

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 2010 – Stephen’s Standpoint

No 13: February 2010: [1] Organisations Are Not Like Physical Bodies [2] 

No 12: January 2010: [3] Kick Start the New Year by Reviewing Your Management Practices [4] 


2009 – Changing Organisations (previous newsletter title)

No 11: December 2009: Eight Things 2009 Has Taught Me (Or Confirmed for Me) About Change [5]

No 10: November 2009: In Change Situations, Familiarity Breeds Lack of Noticing [6]

No 9: October 2009: Why Business is Not Like Sports As We Know It [7]

No 8: September 2009: What is Your "Working Picture" of Organisational Change? [8]

No 7: August 2009: Cooking a Menu or Using What You Already Have Available [9]

No 6: July 2009: Do Your Meetings Inadvertently Sabotage Your Strategy? [10]

No 5: June 2009: Benefiting from Diversity [11]

No 4: May 2009: Informal Communication – The Neglected Poor Relation? [12]

No 3: April 2009: Making Business Change Happen [13]

No 2: March 2009: Three Myths About Organisational Change [14]

No 1: February 2009: Dealing with a Resistant Individual [15]



 “Just a quick note to say I do enjoy reading your newsletter and blogs, format looks great, content is interesting and it’s good to see you leading in your field!

You provide an excuse for me to stop momentarily, review what you’re thinking about, and reflect about my space and then factor these reflections into my thoughts as I continue on my journey!”

Steve Donkin
Programme Manager