9 Our consulting service is where we work directly with you, your team and others in your organisation to achieve a particular result – for example:

  • Change your culture
  • Develop and implement a new organisation design
  • Consult with staff on a proposal
  • Fix a problem
  • Improve performance
  • Form or build a new team
  • Develop and implement a leadership framework
  • Develop strategy
  • Launch a new strategy or other initiative
  • Undertake planning
  • Undertake organisation development initiatives
  • Review your organisation, or learning and development function

How it works

We work together with you to identify the objectives you wish to achieve, how you will know you have achieved them (i.e. measures) and what the value is. Once we have agreed on these things, we will give you a written proposal outlining the project. The proposal becomes the foundation of our agreement to work together –it is the basis of the project we are doing.

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