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Prize Draw for Feedback on Website

Offer prize draw of Silver Exclusive Access Coaching Programme membership for feedback on new website, e.g. What you liked, suggested improvements, how did you hear about the site (e.g. newsletter, personally known, client, other), what did you find most useful, free form comments section. I am keen to hear from a wide range of people – people who know me well, people who don’t know me at all and also those who know me somewhat.

Include the prize draw on the front page under latest news.

Change of name accompanies redesign of monthly newsletter

After nearly a year in operation, the supportive feedback and increasing subscription numbers for Stephen’s monthly newsletter ChangingOrganisations attest to the popularity of the newsletter with recipients. He has received many comments about the provocative ideas and also the personal connection with, for example, aspects of running his family’s lifestyle block.

In typical Kiwi DIY fashion, he says, “I initially put together the newsletter myself based on the design of my blog, and that has worked well for nearly a year now. I have also been managing the distribution myself using my basic Outlook skills.”

As the newsletter has grown, managing it has become more time consuming. Due to the newsletter’s success, he has moved it onto a more professional footing, hiring US-based specialist in websites and newsletters for consulting firms The Chad Barr Group to redesign the newsletter and streamline the distribution process.

“Managing subscriptions will now be automated and I won’t have to manually add, delete or change details,” he says. “I won’t have to worry that I might inadvertently send out details of my whole distribution list – this happened to me and was very embarrassing,” he says.

The new name of the newsletter is Stephen’s Standpoint. To view, click here.