The Doctor of Management Degree

456_1291 The Doctor of Management is a professional doctorate, and this is different from a traditional PhD. PhDs are anchored in academia while professional doctorates such as the Doctor of Management are built around practice.

Although they both enjoy the same academic status, professional doctorates are a more recent response to the need to integrate practice and theory. Participants in the Doctor of Management exemplify the concept of the scholar-practitioner. They are required to remain in full time employment while enquiring (researching) into their practice in organisations. The research is inexorably based on practice through a narrative approach. This is truly taking experience seriously.

Candidates take as their starting point narrative accounts (i.e. stories) of their practice as provocation for an in-depth enquiry into the experience of their practice and the literature, locating their practice in relation to the different traditions of management thinking.

Stephen’s thesis was titled “Facilitative Consulting in Organisational Complexity: Detached Involvement in Political Change Processes”. Stephen completed his Doctor of Management between 2004 and 2007.