Typical Client Results



  • A CEO was able to redesign the whole organisation and successfully implement a new structure with high levels of engagement in spite of sometimes hostile circumstances. Much needed new support functions and management positions were established and increased skills were recruited. A prior attempt to do this had stalled when the managers rebelled – the Board sacked the previous CEO and the employees picketed the head office. With Stephen Billing’s guidance, the change was implemented successfully with no sackings or picketing.
  • Straightforward CEO and senior team decision making on organisation design issues was made possible through clear, well-presented board papers. These identified and assessed the key issues and available options, and were the result of consultation processes that created engagement and flushed out all the potential ‘fish hooks’ prior to decisions being made.
  • An organisation design project that was behind schedule was brought back on track in a project to implement a new business model. The robust analysis of workloads and effective QA and remediation of the previous design work enabled the steering group to make a no go decision for a change proposal that Stephen’s analysis proved was not sound. An alternative way of proceeding was determined.
  • Stephen Billing’s very experienced organisation design expertise is able to be utilised quickly and efficiently – for example to determine the number of new positions and type of positions required in a new business unit established by legislation, prepare analysis for decision making and develop position descriptions and associated documentation – even with very limited work load precedent to build on. Decisions able to be made with confidence by project manager and steering group.
  • The reorganisation of a business unit achieved against the odds with full buy in of the team, easy decision making by the CEO/Executive Team, and straight forward implementation due to effective process and skilful facilitation.

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Executive Coaching

Stephen Billing’s executive coaching approach has enabled clients to:

  • Develop their capacity to lead and implement dramatic change in their organisation.
  • Work out concepts for a new organisation structure that addresses current problem areas.
  • Identify attractive options for current staff who are currently in unsuitable roles or not performing for various reasons.
  • Develop a plan for consultation and implementation of structural change or new ways of working that will minimise and mitigate risk, be affordable, establish a genuine consultation process, reduce potential pitfalls and negative impact on business, and ensure all nuances of the situation such as prior understandings are factored into the transition plan.
  • Determine how to introduce an unpalatable change to policy or procedures (e.g. removing access to company cars).
  • Gain breakthrough thinking on possible approaches to culture, restructuring, customer service, sales or other organisational change initiatives.
  • Make decisions about future career options- whether to go consulting, pursue further professional development first, continue in progression in current organisation or seek positions in other organisations, regardless of the economic environment.
  • Work out how to deal with complex interpersonal conflict or other intractable areas of group dynamics.
  • Formulate structure, approach and wording for important organisational documents such as proposals, board papers, consultation documents and internal communications.

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Developing Leaders

  • Stephen’s facilitation enables front line managers to identify approaches to deal with their toughest issues. Participants are able to return to work with specific plans, improved skills and the confidence to deal with issues they find difficult in their workplace – in practical areas like delegation, motivation, prioritising, decision making, building the team, coaching and communication.

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  • Managers notice that participants have noticeably improved customer service and sales performance immediately after training – gaining more control of the call, asking better questions, following a sales or service process and using good practices learnt from others.

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