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Exclusive Access Coaching Programme

Exponential Consulting now offers a confidential coaching programme for executives, leaders, managers and professionals. There are some things you cannot talk about with your boss or Board Chair. This is where the Exclusive Access Coaching Programme comes in. You need someone who:

  • Is not personally involved.
  • Has seen similar situations before in a range of organisations.
  • Has a thoughtful approach to leadership practice.
  • Will not judge you or the others you are working with.
  • Can help you crystallise your options or generate a plan of attack quickly.
  • Knows what is involved in changing organisational relationships and practices.

The Exclusive Access Coaching Programme is your opportunity to work one on one with Dr Stephen Billing on those complex, difficult and most challenging situations you face in your organisational life.

“Stephen’s a good mentor and a ‘voice of reason’ when I’ve been less than reasonable.”

Mike Britton
General Manager
Royal Forest and Bird Protection Society of New Zealand

Objectives of the Programme

  • Provide access to confidential, real time advice, counsel, and coaching for you, personally, on any matter at all relating to your role in your organisation, e.g. governance, Board, leadership, change or any other organisational issues.
  • Determine long term career and professional strategies, e.g. assessing career options, whether to go consulting, options for professional development.
  • Allow the greatest scope for flexibility in a coaching relationship that includes unlimited access for timeframes that meet your needs, e.g. a week, a month, or multiples.
  • Provide maximum responsiveness – all phone calls returned within 90 minutes, all emails responded to on the same day. (For New Zealand participants only. Overseas participants create mutually agreeable schedules.)
  • Utilise technology to maximise effectiveness and timeliness of response so that results are achieved no matter where the participant is located, without travel costs being incurred.
  • Offer flexibility and privacy of investment through either corporate or personal funding.

Typical Client Results

Stephen Billing’s executive coaching approach has enabled clients to:

  • Develop their capacity to lead and implement dramatic change in their organisation.
  • Work out concepts for a new organisation structure that addresses current problem areas.
  • Identify attractive options for current staff who are currently in unsuitable roles or not performing for various reasons.
  • Develop a plan for consultation and implementation of structural change or new ways of working that will minimise and mitigate risk, be affordable, establish a genuine consultation process, reduce potential pitfalls and negative impact on business, and ensure all nuances of the situation such as prior understandings are factored into the transition plan.
  • Determine how to introduce an unpalatable change to policy or procedures (e.g. removing access to company cars).
  • Gain breakthrough thinking on possible approaches to culture, restructuring, customer service, sales or other organisational change initiatives.
  • Make decisions about future career options- whether to go consulting, pursue further professional development first, continue in progression in current organisation or seek positions in other organisations, regardless of the economic environment.
  • Work out how to deal with complex interpersonal conflict or other intractable areas of group dynamics.
  • Formulate structure, approach and wording for important organisational documents such as proposals, board papers, consultation documents and internal communications.

Typical Participant Profile

  • Working within an organisational structure in a CEO, senior leadership, management, professional or individual contributor capacity.
  • Requiring assistance on important organisational issues involving change for others and/or self.
  • Open to accepting feedback on personal attributes and performance, willing to consider alternative approaches to situations, think about issues in a new context or change own behaviour.
  • Facing challenging organisational situations for which a sounding board would be beneficial, for example about long term plans, or validity of current behaviours and performance.
  • Seeing value in access to an experienced person who is not directly involved in the situation.
  • Needing absolutely confidential help at key times, and requiring fast response with options for action.

Details of the Programme

There are three options available, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Silver runs for 7 days, Gold and Platinum for 30 days. If multiple intervals are booked, discounts can be obtained. We can do phone calls either by Skype (audio or video) or else via normal telephone. My Skype address is stephenbilling.

Silver Option – One Week Access

Up to two phone calls timetabled to suit our mutual schedules, plus as many emails as desired, for seven days following the initial call.

Gold Option – One Month Access

Up to two phone calls timetabled to suit our mutual schedules, plus up to five emails per week for 30 days, received and returned within the customer’s business hours.

Platinum Option – One Month Unlimited Access

As many emails, phone calls and letters as desired, with responses provided as needed and not subject to business hours (e.g., a weekend call may be required in anticipation of a Monday morning meeting).

For all options:

  • Phone calls and emails are not cumulative and cannot be "carried over" to succeeding weeks.
  • Payments must be made in advance. For enrolment for two intervals at a time there is a 5% discount; for three at a time, a 10% discount; and for four or more at a time, a 15% discount.
  • Phone calls are returned within 90 minutes during NZ business hours and email within the same day. Overseas phone calls are timetabled to suit our mutual schedules.
  • Conventional mail and courier packages are reviewed and replied to within 24 hours of receipt.

How to Enrol

There are three steps to enrolling in the programme.

  1. Send an email telling us of your interest in enrolling. Include the following information, keeping it as brief as possible:
    • Your current organisational situation (e.g. organisation, position, length of time).
    • Your goals / aspirations for the future.
    • What you hope to achieve from joining the programme.

    Note that your email will remain confidential regardless of the outcome of the enrolment process.

  2. We will respond confirming whether we can meet your needs. If yes, we will invite you to join the programme.
  3. Once payment is made (by credit card, cheque or internet transfer to our bank account), we will schedule the initial phone call to work out the practicalities – finalise detailed objectives, timetable our required phone calls, and identify any specific requirements you have.

You will never deal with anyone other than Stephen Billing in this confidential programme.

About Stephen Billing

Stephen works with CEOs, General Managers and others with P&L responsibility to create dramatic change to improve individual and organisational performance. With extensive experience in developing service culture, behavioural change and organisation design, he appreciates that far reaching change can divert attention from day to day business (business as usual), so he maintains a focus on customers and employees while change is taking place. With 20 years’ experience, Stephen’s facilitative style enables him to work across the organisation from senior management to frontline staff to figure out how to tackle complex, difficult or ambiguous situations, often where no one knows the answer. Since establishing Exponential Consulting in 2004, he has attracted a loyal client list that includes Ministry of Justice, Inland Revenue, Goodman Fielder, AMP Financial Services, Māori Land Court, ACC, Fisher and Paykel Finance, Auckland University of Technology, Royal Forest and Bird Society of New Zealand, Wellink Trust, Oasis Network, and Te Whakapakari Trust. He is the only person in Asia Pacific to hold a Doctor of Management degree in Organisational Change from the University of Hertfordshire, UK. He conducted his research into the facilitation of organisational change while simultaneously undertaking a full range of client work with Exponential Consulting. He is a graduate member of the Complexity & Management Centre at the Business School, University of Hertfordshire. Stephen is also an adjunct faculty member of the Centre for Social Sciences at the Open Polytechnic of NZ. Recent speaking engagements range from the Wellington HR Institute of NZ (2008, 2009) through to guest segments on AUT’s MBA programme (2009) and international academic conferences EGOS 2008 (Amsterdam) and Academy of Management 2007 (Copenhagen). He has published chapters in two books and a number of white papers about organizational change. He is also the author of popular blog www.changingorganisations.com. An avid tennis enthusiast, Stephen is still waiting to hit the perfect forehand.

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